🐱 Hi there, I'm Yuki_Luofan!

My name is Yuki_Luofan, and I am currently 14 years old. I used to attend Dafo Middle School in Tongnan District, Chongqing. I am currently studying programming and computer science, and sometimes I delve into the study of consciousness and conduct social experiments. I have been involved in the design and operation of several projects, with notable ones being Otokonoko and CatisLand. These projects have now been merged into CatisLand NetWork, where I am primarily responsible for social experiments and knowledge visualization creation. I have found joy in the process of researching these projects, which is great. Additionally, I am trying my hand at a popular science media project, and I hope for its success. Please cheer me on!

Furthermore, I have a particular fondness for games and cats. ( •̀ ω •́ )y

📊 My GitHub statistics

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🌎 I can speak

  • cn 中文
  • JP 日本語 (Learning)
  • en English (Learning)

💻 Work environment.

  • pixel 7a Android14
  • iPhone 12 iOS16
  • Workstations with the c612 chipset running Windows 10 and Arch Linux.
  • Workstation with the c612 chipset, powered by OpenCore 9.4, running macOS 14.1.

🌱 Projects I'm currently working on

  • 22% A complete MaiMai production guide
  • 10% Revive the once-existing Systemspace.(TSUKI Project)
  • 1% Rebuild the CatisLand NetWork group.
  • 25% A free magazine created by fans of Ruri and Lain. (LainZineCn Project)